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Everyone deserves a chance at recovering
from addiction. We work with communities
to make that vision a reality.
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Our purpose is to share hope that people who suffer from addiction and alcoholism can recover, and to link people with the resources that can help them heal.


We believe that everyone who suffers from addiction deserves the chance to recover.
We work to provide financial support for people who need treatment for substance use disorders, sponsor community events that promote education and prevention of addiction, and work to eliminate the shame that often prevents people from seeking help.
With our partner organizations and community support, together we can ensure that no one who wants to recover must suffer from addiction and alcoholism.

The Seraph Fund's 1st Annual Addiction and Mental Health Symposium

The Seraph Fund Event

The Seraph Fund presents the 1st Annual Addiction and Mental Health Symposium to educate and enhance professional development. This year’s conference addresses issues including the opioid crisis, medication assisted treatment, eating disorders, and the art and science of healing. Awareness helps with prevention, treatment, and support and our hope is to reach as many people as possible with approachable education and (6) CEs for professionals. Click here for more information about the event.

We connect individuals and communities with resources to foster healing from addiction


Need help with addiction or alcoholism? Want to support our projects or donate? Have a personal story to share?

Please contact the Seraph Fund at (919) 884-5686 or send us an e-mail. We would love to hear from you.

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